Miserere Luminis is a Montreal-based music group formed through the collaboration of members from the underground metal scene bands Gris and Sombres Forêts.

Originally conceived in 2008 following the first Canadian tour of the members, who were then playing as Sombres Forêts, the project was envisioned as a unique collaboration and a performance that would blend theatricality, originality, and artistry.

Their eponymous album, ‘Miserere Luminis,’ was released in late 2009, and due to the notoriety of their previous projects, it gained international success in the underground metal scene. The band performed live in Quebec and Canada during a 2010 album launch tour, as well as on other occasions in the following years.

The band appeared on stage with their faces covered by golden masks and adorned in costumes that became their trademark. The members’ multi-instrumental skills allowed them to switch instruments during the performance, and the stage settings were designed to provide an immersive and integral experience.

Their authentic and powerful music draws its roots from extreme metal but has since been enriched by various other influences, including film music, progressive rock, neo-classicism, and even modern jazz.

The lyrical universe is a unique form of romantic and even Baudelairian-inspired poetry, intertwining light and darkness.

Over the years, Miserere Luminis has performed on stage in major cities in Eastern Canada and in Europe.


Released on June 24th, 2023

ANNATAR Guitar, vocals
NEPTUNE Guitar, bass, piano, texts, saxophone
ICARE Drums, vocals, strings

Drums and piano were recorded by Sylvaine Arnaud at Wild Studio
Contrebasse: Sylvaine Arnaud
Mastering: JP Villemure
Painting: Adam Burke
Photography: Éric Dubé


Released on November 3rd, 2009

All music and lyrics by Miserere Luminis.
Artwork by Fursy Teyssier.
Photography by Philippe A. Bouchard



PAN M 360:

The Miserere Luminis sound is clearly recognizable. Most of the album’s melodic and harmonic content comes from the minor keys, making the atmosphere oscillate perceptibly between nostalgia, sadness and despair. The vocals are more varied, though still more visceral than technical. Screams with defined pitches complement the saturated screams, whose fractures and imperfections are clearly audible. These ingredients give way to complex, vulnerable and introspective music, far removed from black metal oriented towards pure aural assault or occultist darkness. A wait more than worthwhile.

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Two Guys Metal Reviews:

There is something fascinating and charming about the music that they have crafted on Ordalie and it’s hard not to be enthralled with the epic soundscapes and vision that they present to their listeners on this new, gorgeous offering.

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Contemporary establishment:

Ordalie is a carefully woven tapestry of atmospheric guitars, complex structures, and dramatic vocals, striking a balance between the dark and the beautiful. Their sonic journey will draw you in with a sense of nostalgia and excitement, invoking everything fans loved about their first release, yet evolving it into something even more compelling.

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Acta infernalis:

Although fourteen years have passed between their first and second opuses, the soul of Miserere Luminis has remained intact. Ordalie is a shattering album that never hesitates to let sweetness or fury express themselves to bring its darkness to life.

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Planet Mosh:

I have to say, that I have found this album a very moving listen. It hits the emotions right on the nose. The production is also top-notch, very clear but not sterile, and the musicianship displayed is superb. You would not think it the work of just three members.

If you have yet to experience Black Métal Québécois, then this is a great starting point for you. If like me you’re a seasoned veteran fan of the Quebec scene, then you will not be disappointed. Dare I say it? One of the finest albums yet to come from that icy province

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